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Emmi Maddox, June 2014

Emmi01Hi! My name is Emmi but my mom calls me Emmi Lou. I am 11 years old. My mom and dad rescued me just over a year ago from a local rescue group. Before I got to the rescue I was in a house that had too many other kitties and some doggies so I had to come live at the animal shelter. When I got to the shelter they noticed I made a very loud noise when I was breathing and the doctors weren’t sure what was wrong with me.

They ended up transferring me to a rescue group that was ran by another vet. The vet guy said that he thought I had a polyp on my soft pallet causing me to make a loud cooing sound.

At that time mom was working at the rescue and the second she heard my unique sound she knew it was love. The shelter had named me Merry but mom thought I needed a name to match my dove-like sound so she came up the Emerald after the Emerald dove. And now it’s Emmi for short!

After mom sent dad numerous videos and pictures of me, he agreed that they should adopt me. I now have 2 kitty brothers (Stafford and Gus) and a dog brother (Abe). I love them all very much! Since I am the “old lady” of the house I am very spoiled. I have many beds and blankies throughout the house that are all mine! I also get my nails done and they are always pink and sparkly because I am such a princess. Mom likes to calls me “Princess Emmi”!

I love my family so much and I’m so happy that they chose me as their fur child. I constantly thank them with kisses, head butts, and loud purrs!

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