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Eugene Miller - March 2018

Back in the early spring of 2004 while volunteering for Crash’s Landing, our shift mate introduced us to a cat that she and her husband had rescued. His name was Eugene and he was way too aggressive to stay with her and her husband as they already had a couple of cats, plus Eugene was young and full of himself and just couldn’t seem to behave with any of them. Wanting to do right by this previously homeless stray they asked if Dr. Jen (Founder of Crash’s Landing and Big Sid's Sanctuary) if she could take him in, which she did, and that is how the legacy of Eugene began.

Upon meeting Eugene, Anne knew right away he needed to be part of our household. She tends to appreciate the feisty ones! Remembering the fact that we were already blessed with 5 cats I, Kim, on the other hand wasn’t as quickly convinced. He was a charmer though, so home with us he came.  It quickly became apparent that Eugene (we loved his name so we didn’t change it) believed that he ruled the house – cats and humans included! Along with his high amount of energy came the same amount of 'lovingness.' He slept on my head every night and would get in trouble for grooming me so he just waited until I fell asleep to groom me. I remember eating lunch at work one day and the gal across from me asked why I had shaved off my left eye brow. I didn’t have a clue until I saw it for myself! Eugene had groomed off my eyebrow! For some reason the cat that Anne fell in love with was trying his best to make sure he had won me over as well. You can guess what happens next, Eugene becomes my best bud! He was quite needy though! He wanted to be held ALL of the time. A good friend of ours bought me a pet carrier so he could be strapped on me front and center while I went about my housework. We actually wore it out and man was I Thankful! You see, Eugene wasn’t little anymore.

Shortly after we brought Eugene home he became afflicted with an ear polyp. He had to have a drain put in it and this resulted in his ear being permanently flopped over. In 2008 Crash’s Landing was invited to enter a few of their domesticated cats in the Great Lakes Consortium for The International Cat Association. Eugene was selected and brought home 3 ribbons. In the Specialty Breed he took 2nd as Best Household Pet. In the All-Breed Category he placed 6th and 10th for Best Household Pet. We were over the moon excited! We also learned from one of his judges that he is part Ragamuffin Breed. She laughed while trying to pull him from his crate that she would name him Buddha if he were her cat because he’s so big and just goes limp. That was also the day his hat collection began. Of course everyone there wanted to hold him because he is so adorable but we also had put a hat on him that said “Sexy” and it helped tremendously. I discovered that day that when he was sporting a hat he would not run away and he didn’t seem to mind them at all. Here are a few shots of him in his collection over the years.




Over the years Eugene has collected quite the fan club. He actually has as many visitors that come to see him as Anne and I do. We are constantly posting his silly antics on Facebook where he receives many comments. He has never met a stranger and gives the best hugs ever! He goes limp when being picked up due to his breed, and that seems to make him even more lovable.

When he thinks it’s time for me to get up he can be quite convincing. He thinks 3 a.m. is the perfect time for Anne to play with him and frequently seeks her attention then. He is always ready to play and is so rambunctious that the other cats steer clear in hopes of avoiding him landing on them.

He wore his best oxford sweater vest in hopes of impressing Dr. Jen and the rest of the staff. I called it a success when Dr. Jen scooped him up and took him around the clinic for everyone to see.

Here he is in his vest.


We are thankful everyday still that Eugene came to be part of our family. He has an extra special personality that could never be duplicated.


He is also a huge fan of Dr. Coppens. When she came in the treatment room to see him he lunged out of my arms to her!


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