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Finn Harrison-Smith, May 2014

finnWe weren’t looking for Finn – he found us. We had lost one of our kitties to cancer a few months before and were starting a volunteer gig at Crash’s Landing. We thought we’d end up getting a kitty from there. But a friend of a friend had a stray cat hanging out in her yard and – viola! – new family member.

Finn is named after Phineas of Phineas + Ferb (the cartoon), although he really has Ferb’s quieter demeanor. He was injured at some point while a stray so he hobbles a bit. Finn also has pancreatitis and diabetes (poor guy!), so he’s spent his share of time at KCC. (And although he doesn’t always show it, I think he loves all the girls here. Especially Dr. Coppens!)

It took Finn a while to relax and get used to being part of a family. He seemed happy to have a home and people taking care of him, but he just wasn’t sure what to do with all of the affection and attention.

But he figured it out eventually!

Now he’ll often stretch out his leg and put his paw on one of us, kind of like he’s saying, “You’re mine!” He takes advantage of all of the comfy spots in the house to stretch out and be lazy. He lets our 10-year-old use him as a pillow. Finn also loves cheese. Well, he loves food in general and is always eager to let us know when his bowl is empty.

Finn’s laid-back nature balances out the energy of our crazy kitten and the shyness of our older girl. We’re very happy that he’s part of our family!

Lori Harrison-Smith

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