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Greg Kelly - January 2018


Meet Greg!

Q: What made you decide to adopt Greg?

A: I’ve always wanted a hairless cat. When I saw Greg with his little munchkin legs, I couldn’t resist. I drove all the way to Kansas City to get him from a breeder who specializes in Sphinx and dwarf cats. 


Q: What funny, sweet, or entertaining things does your cat do?

A: Greg enjoys walking on his hind legs when he sees people food or cats on TV.  

Q: What is unique about your cat?

A: He is a hairless cat with a fuzzy striped tail and dog-like personality.                           



Q: What is his relationship with other people or pets?

A: He loves all people and can never have too many snuggles and belly rubs. He is very playful with other cats but tries to act tough around dogs.  

Q: How has your cat faced obstacles or challenges in his life?

A: Greg is still a kitten but in his short time here, winter seems to be his biggest obstacle. He despises the cold but like to stay warm with his extensive sweater and jacket collection.  

Q: How has your cat changed over time?

A: Greg was very shy when I first got him but now he loves people and runs to greet whoever walks in the door.  

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