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Jayne Coppens - November 2017

Sitting at my desk, finishing up paperwork on a cold Friday in January, I received a phone call from BestPals Animal Rescue Center (BARC) in Holland.

BARC: “Hi! One of our volunteers told us there was a doctor at your clinic looking to adopt an FIV positive cat.”

Me: “Well, I’m not really looking, but I have an FIV positive cat already, so I was thinking my next cat would be an FIV rescue.”

BARC: “We received a call from Harbor Humane Society asking if we could take in an FIV positive cat. He’s about 3 years old and appears to have been a stray his whole life. He has been at the shelter for thirty days and is going to be euthanized if he can’t be placed. Unfortunately, we cannot take any cats at all right now.”

Me: “What color is he?”

BARC: “Orange”

Me: “I’ll go get him.”


After hanging up the phone, I called my husband and then Harbor Humane Society to arrange for us to pick the kitty up the next morning. On the way to get him, we discussed a good name for him. Both my husband and I like Sci-fi, so we decided to name him Jayne, after a character on Firefly.




Monday morning, I took Jayne in to work with me for a full examination. Turns out he had been pretty badly injured before he was brought to Harbor Humane Society. His upper right canine was fractured as well as his molar on the lower right. The fractured molar was badly infected.  We removed the broken teeth and he healed well. Several months later, we took x-rays of his shoulder because he had an occasional limp that never went completely away. The x-rays showed a bone chip in his left shoulder and a broken sternum. The broken sternum doesn’t seem to bother him, but it gives evidence of the very tough life he had before.



Jayne settled in to our household like he was always meant to be there. He shied away from being picked up at first, but thoroughly enjoyed petting and attention.  Now, he will ask to be picked up for loves (but he’s still awkward about it.) He has such a gentle, laid back personality. I’m pretty sure there is not one single mean bone in his body. He seems to love people and our other cats. In the two years he has been with us, he has never shown any interest in going back outside. And every day I am so grateful to all the people who helped him find his way to our house.


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