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Karma Nichols, April 2014

The story of Karma!

karmaAnxiously awaiting the reappearance of a groundhog from the large hole in our garden (left a year ago last August). We were pleasantly surprised to discover a black and white cat with her four kittens (black, grey, black/white & Siamese). Our garden at the time was full of balloon flowers which protected their coming and going from their new home, the groundhog hole.

As the weather became colder last fall I started to feed the mother and her kittens early in the morning. As soon as they heard the back door open, heads were popping out of the hole for their ration of one bowl of kitten chow and fresh water.

Before long, the mother seemed to be away more than around and the black & grey kittens must have found homes.

The night air was becoming colder and colder, we had to find a way to catch these two kittens and hopefully find them a home. One day my wife Margie and I threw on some winter gloves and strategically positioned ourselves on both sides of our backyard in hopes we could catch at least one of these guys. The attempt was hilarious! I would put out the food and water at the top of the yard under a umbrella table, with Margie on the other side of the yard ready to grab up one of these guys as they raced back to the groundhog hole. With several different attempts we finally gave up the fight.

A friend of mine, an avid hunter for years, offered me his live animal trap as a last resort. The mother had now returned for the morning feedings and was starting to hang around more.

I took up my friend's offer of the live trap, so the next day I loaded the trap with some tuna fish and did not put any food out. Next thing I knew the mother had set off the trap and we were on our way to the animal shelter. The next couple of days were unsuccessful in trapping the two kittens. By this time the black & white kitten had grown to twice the size of the Siamese. The next day I loaded the trap and hoped for the best. My wife I both watched as the Siamese entered the trap ignoring warnings from her brother. We both said a prayer and down came the trap door. I then placed the live trap in the back seat of my car. As my wife got in the car, I went back inside and called Lori of the Kentwood Cat Clinic to see if we could stop in and have the Siamese checked out to see if it might make a good pet. The check up went good even though she had fleas and worms. Now the determining factor, was it a boy or a girl? Seeing we had Gia our 13 year old female, orange and white, we thought it best if the new kitten was a female. So it was determined that the Siamese was in fact a female! Great! We decided on the name Karma for this grateful kitten. She has been quite an energetic ball of fire. Gia still has not totally accepted Karma. Their relationship can be compared to a young energetic kid trying to rough house with her grandmother, it's just not going to happen. Time will bring these two together.

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