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Meow, Meow, May 2016

Katrina8My name is Katrina and recently when I was in the Kentwood Clinic as my mom was taking me out I noticed a form to enter cat of the month-so I thought this would be fun, so here is my story in short.

I was given to my mom by my dad on sweeties day-I was only six weeks old, my dad said that I needed a special name so he named me KATRINA-this was the same year that the hurricane Katrina happened-but my dad told me not to act like the hurricane - and I never had, in fact I do every thing I can think of to make my mom smile-I do a lot of tricks on command —things like I pretend to have a sore foot, I jump thou hu-la-hoops, I sit on a wooden sled and let my mom pull me around the house, I love to jump in baskets, and I even have a play pony that I sit on. (you know ever girl wants a pony)-I also visit nursing homes and make the patients smile and laugh. I do the usually things to like chase balls and play with toy mice and a lot of cat toys.

I think I impact my mom's life a lot- you see my mom takes life very seriously, but when she looks at me she always smiles and we play and play which makes my mom act silly.

I think I have taught my mom to relax and to be silly, (after all you have to be a little bit silly to teach a cat tricks don’t you think? My mom’s favorite thing to do with me is brush me and give me kisses, and tell me how pretty I am.

I am so Lucky to have a mom and dad like I have, recently I became very sick and that is how I became one of your patience, I am doing a lot better now THANKS TO YOUR STAFF and my dad and mom who really never left my side though out the entire ordeal, now I am almost back to my old self-I am back to playing and doing my tricks.


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