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Mom Wissman, February 2014

MomWissman_2Mom adopted me about 12 years ago. She used to be my nephew's family cat and stayed in their barn. I lived across the field from them and used to take care of their animals while they were at horse shows. Mom figured out where I lived and would come to my barn and bring her kittens (hence the name Mom). I would take the kittens back, she would bring them back to my place and on and on until I finally decided enough! She and one of her daughters moved into my barn! As time went on both moved into my house! She tends to be strong willed!

At 16 she's a senior citizen. She is quite fragile and has medical issues, but she is one tough gal. She has always been small and now with her thyroid problem, she weighs under five pounds. Mom has always been great company. She loves to sit on laps and cuddles when carried. There was a time when I would get very sick with migraines. She would always stay with me for hours and lay on my shoulder - put her paw on my cheek or her nose in my ear! She always helped me feel better.

Mom is small in stature but big in heart, and I'm lucky she adopted me.

Dianne Wissman

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