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Sheldon Antecki - Nov. 2016


We got Sheldon from the wild about three years ago, when we were rescuing a few other cats who lived near our old house, before we moved. We had not seen him around before but he seemed pretty friendly so we decided to add him to our family. Immediately, he became one of the friendliest and most personable of all of our cats! Even though he looked a little rough from his time in the wild (among his "battle scars" is his distinctive flipped ear), he had sort of a distinguished and calm look and personality, so the name Sheldon just seemed to fit.  

Sheldon is a total lap cat, and loves to give long massages (kneading bread). He really seems to have an understanding of how other people (and cats) feel, and is very sensitive to that. It has really shown us the complex and deep emotions that our feline friends have! He gets along great with our other cats, but he is definitely the boss! They all give him a lot of respect and let him take the best spots around the house.  

One of the most amazing things about Sheldon is that he is sort of the "police cat" in our house. Whenever any other cats are playing and it starts to get too rough, he immediately comes running, wherever they are, to break it up. Usually his presence alone is enough for that, but if not, he will gently tap the cats on the head with his paw, sort of like, "Hey, break it up!" And then he sticks around until things calm down.  

He is also a voracious eater, and its pretty hilarious to hear the sounds he makes as we are opening any kind of a can! 

Lately, Sheldon has been facing some kidney and dental issues, however, with the treatment plan from the Kentwood Cat Clinic he has REALLY turned around. Not only is he back to his old self, he actually is more active and playful now than when we first got him! We're looking forward to having him "patrol" the house for a long time to come! 

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