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Ocie Horic - September 2016

COTM 090116 Ocie photo

Kittens are so cute!  That’s why it’s hard to pick just one out of a litter. That is exactly what I told my (now) husband as we looked over the two litters of kittens that a local goat farmer had up for adoption. All of the kittens were running around, playing, and acting adorable, except for one. The farmer informed us that that one was the trouble maker and did not like being held. That immediately attracted my husband to him! He picked up the sleepy kitten, which started mewing and acting adorable like his siblings. He did not seem to mind being held at all. That is how my husband, who didn't even want a cat in the first place, chose our cat, Ocie. Now, at 3 years old, Ocie is quite possibly the coolest cat you will ever meet. In fact, I don't even think that he knows he is a cat. He walks on a leash (well, when he wants to), and plays with our Texas Heeler and Boston Terrier. He patiently waits for us to go to bed every night so he can get in his cuddle time. He hates closed doors and sings you the song of his people even if he just walks in to that room once you open the door, and walks right back out. He knows exactly how to communicate with us, and sometimes I could swear that he understands everything we are saying. He is the cat that made my husband change his mind about liking cats (he hated them before), and the reason why I love cats!    ~Leslie Horic

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