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Pip Duncan - October 2017



My husband and I own a gym and Pip wandered inside one morning while my husband was coaching a class. He was the most adorable thing and so tiny with this itty bitty meow. He wasn’t afraid and just wanted food and cuddles. He was only about 5 weeks old and in rough shape: burrs in his coat, damaged paw pads, and malnourished. There was no way we were going to abandon him.

Pip was named after Peregrine ‘Pippin’ Took from the Lord of the Rings series. When we found him he was super small, a little mischievous ‘pip-squeak’, and very furry with big feet and an even bigger appetite. He was adventurous and obviously a traveler. He was our little hobbit in every way, and Pip just fit.

Pip is your typical kitten. He plays with anything and everything. If you left it out, it’ll become a toy; wine corks, water bottles, toilet paper rolls, sheets of paper, socks, he does not discriminate. He also loves to sleep on pillows (especially on his back).  I’ve always sat on the couch with a pillow on my lap and that has become Pip’s FAVORITE napping location. 


We lost our kitty, Feyd, last Fall due to lymphoma. He was only 2 years old, taken WAY too soon, and the whole experience broke our hearts. I honestly wasn’t sure we’d ever adopt another kitty but Pip sort of adopted us. It felt fated. And having that feline energy back in the house has been lovely.

When Pip first entered our lives I assumed he was a girl due to his beautiful tortoiseshell coat. Torties are almost exclusively female so I just figured; GIRL. AND when we took him into a nearby vet's office for a wellness check the day after we found him the vet there checked him and confirmed my assumption that Pip was a little girl. It wasn’t until he was going in to get spayed at the Kentwood Cat Clinic that everyone figured out he was a boy! Couple that with the fact that Pip is also a polydactyl cat (six toes on his front feet and five toes on his back) and you see we have a very unique little guy. He looks like he’s got catcher's mitts for paws. It’s ADORABLE.



Pip is a LOVER. He’s such a sweet guy and very vocal! Most everyone falls in love with him when they meet him. My husband and I both feel very lucky to have been chosen by him for his forever home.

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