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Rory Mountain - August 2017


Two years ago, in the summer, a gentleman called the Kentwood Cat Clinic to say there was a stray, feral kitten that he was worried about. There didn't seem to a momma cat around. This little malnourished bit of fur was brought in to the clinic. A quick check seemed to indicate it was a girl.

"Pretty girl" (as she was being called) went into the isolation room. We performed a FeLV/FIV test (which was negative), checked her stool (which contained bug parts and bird seed), and started trying to feed her some proper nutrition. We thought at the time she was about 10-12 weeks old.

After a few weeks after she gained some weight and had not shown any signs of contagious disease, she got taken for a "walk" by Dr. Coppens and found her way to the front desk where I work. I took the kitten from Dr. Coppens and told her that if it was a boy, I would take it home. Dr. Coppens checked under the tail and announced "Pretty Girl has testicles!" I said, “Okay, his name is now Rory and he's going to live with me!” (He's named after Rory Williams on Doctor Who. Because of that, he also gets called Captain Williams, Rory the Roman, and the Last Centurion. Whovians will understand!)

Rory was very uncertain about having a home at first.  He was so little that the remote control was bigger than he was! He was quite timid, but behaved himself, ate well, and used the litter box without any issues. He slowly worked his way into the heart of his Aunt Em (my other cat, Emmy).  He remains shy around other people but is a very sweet loving cat to me.

What he did really well was grow! Once he started getting some good nutrition, he sprouted like a weed. At the time of his neuter surgery, the doctor decided we had probably gotten his age wrong and he was probably closer to 5-6 months when he first came in.



He has grown into a handsome hunk! He's still not certain about other people but enjoys watching the wildlife outside the sliding glass door (except the turkeys - they scare him!)

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