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Sammy & Beauty, February 2016

feb-2016Sammy and Beauty's full names are Samson Yoda Oom, and Beautiful Trouble Oom. Why do they have those middle names? Well, when Sammy was smaller and younger than he is now, he had Yoda shaped ears! Seriously! They totally looked like Yoda from Star Wars. For Beauty, oh my, she's trouble. She knocks everything down. Really! Now, how did we get our kittens, you ask?

After our cat, Newman, died, we just couldn't live without any cats/kittens. It was hard. So, after about a month, we decided to get one. Only one, though. A couple weeks later, we went to a cat breeder named Kat. Yes, Kat! Isn't it funny?
There we got Sammy. Then later, we decided to get a second kitten. So, we went to the same breeder and got Beauty. That's how we got our pets.

How did our kittens get their names?

Sammy, we saw strength in him. Well, he is a Maine Coon, which is the biggest cat you can get. Anyway, we named him after Samson in the Bible, who was really strong. Beauty, well take a look at the pictures........she's soooo beautiful. So, that's how they got their names.

Now, the unique part about are kittens is...........

Beauty loves to drink out of the sink. Loves it. She'll wait there and sit until someone turns the faucet on. We turn it on lightly though, so she doesn't make us pay much for the water bill. She also loves to climb the Christmas tree, and make ornaments fall. Sammy will eat about anything. He ate an onion once. And he tried to eat a cucumber. He's an eating beast.

They are very social with other people and pets. They like nice dogs. Beauty gets a little scared around people, but she's still pretty social.

Are kittens have changed over time, by loving each other. They used to not love each other. Even like each other. We had to keep them separate. But now we don't. It's much better now.
My kittens are not even one! Not even one!! I'm NOT joking! Sammy is almost eleven months. Beauty is seven months.

My favorite thing about my kittens is that they love each other. And that their soft. Very soft.

Written by: Rachel Oom, age 9

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