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Sayuri Culp - January 2017

Sayuri Culp

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Sayuri and 4 of her siblings were found as orphaned kittens on a very rainy April evening in 2011.  Their mother had been seen carrying one kitten away, but she never returned for the rest of the kittens.  After waiting for over 8 hours, and once the torrential rains started coming down, a "good Samaritan" brought the kittens to Cat Clinic North to be evaluated for overall health, and to get help in finding a foster family.  One of the staff members at the clinic found someone that could foster the kittens until they were old enough to be adopted out to forever homes!  Sadly, the 2 males did not make it through the first night, but the 3 females thrived under the care of the foster family!  All of them were quickly adopted as soon as they were old enough!

Sayuri was adopted by Dorene, one of the technicians that works at the Cat Clinic North. Dorene and her family fell in love with Sayuri at first glance!  She had such a spunky attitude, and loved to cuddle, and would not stop purring!  She became a "Fat & Sassy" little girl, and was tolerated by the senior cat of the house.

Near the end of 2015 was a time when Sayuri was not feeling well, and she had stopped eating her regular food. But, because she was not the only cat in the house, it went u n-noticed for a while.  Cats are very good at hiding any sign of illness until they are so sick that they just can't hide it anymore!  She had lost a lot of weight, very quickly, which caused a condition called Fatty Liver Syndrome.  It seemed to have popped up overnight, but once it was discovered that she was really sick, she was brought to the doctors at the Kentwood Cat Clinic.  With the great care she received, she was able to make a swift recovery!  She is now back to her "fat & sassy" self, and she makes sure that her humans keep her food bowl well-stocked!

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