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VaccinationYour cat or kitten needs regular vaccines to stay healthy. Indoor only cats are potentially exposed to airborne respiratory viruses such as feline distemper, calici virus and rhinotracheitis virus every time you open the door or window. Indoor cats can be exposed to rabies if they catch a bat in the house, or get outside and are bitten by another animal. Cats that go outside, or stay at boarding facilities or cat shows, can be exposed to feline leukemia. These deadly diseases can be prevented by your cat’s routine vaccinations. Vaccines typically provide protection for one to three years, depending on the vaccine and the disease. Kittens receive important nutrients and antibodies from their mothers’ milk while they are nursing. However, once they are weaned, this passive form of protection is lost. It is at this point in their life that a vaccination program should be started.

We will customize your cat’s vaccine schedule based on their lifestyle and health concerns. Our goal is to maximize their protection and protect their health with a minimum amount of stress and side effects. Vaccinations in young animals are a necessary building block in the foundation of your cat's and kitten's immune system. Following a proper vaccination schedule will help to ensure that you are doing your part to keep your new friend healthy. Additionally, we recommend that all cats and kittens be placed on a monthly parasite preventive and be tested bi-annually for parasites.

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