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Skampy Barnes - May 2017


We first learned of Skampy being available for adoption from a couple from our church. They had seen another cat on TV that afternoon and, knowing we were looking, called us to go to the Grand Rapids animal shelter right away. Upon arriving, the cat we wanted to adopt, was very shy and never came out from hiding. Skampy on the other hand, scampered right out and jumped into my wife’s arms. Within seconds, the deal was sealed and she was soon headed home with us.

She is a very friendly cat and is still less than a year old. She loves to play with her toys and be at our side wherever we are in the house. She loves to dart from one end of the house to the other so my wife immediately named her Skampy. We had been told she was given to the shelter by a person who loved her but did not have the money to get her declawed, and she was ruining her furniture. Well, it did not take long until we realized we would have her declawed because among other things, one day she climbed to the top of our family room curtains, and proceeded to slide all the way back down!

She loves visitors, except for the cleaning ladies who come every two weeks with their loud vacuuming. She is also afraid of the lawn care guys due to their loud equipment. Other than that, she is a perfect house cat and loves visiting her friends at the Kentwood Cat Clinic.


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