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Skimbleshanks Law - Oct. 2016


Hello! My name is Skimbleshanks, but my mom calls me Skimble for short. It sounds really cute when she yells it -- which she does all the time. I'm sort of a trouble-maker, although I like to think of myself as the man of the house. I am always the first to get into things and my brother always follows me. I tend to get him in trouble sometimes, but it's not my fault I just like to be involved in EVERYTHING! My favorite activities are: tumbling about with my brother (in the middle of the night, of course), harassing the dog (Why won't he be my friend?) and, when I decide I want to relax, I LOVE sitting in the sill of an open window and watching birds and squirrels. If she's not careful where she's walking, sometimes my mom steps on me. But I just want to be close to her!

My brother and I were rescued by a lovely technician here at the Kentwood Cat Clinic. There were four of us in the beginning, and my siblings have since both gone to wonderful homes. Luckily, I got to go home with one of my brothers! We were wee babies when my mom decided to take us home together, and, even though my mom loves me just the way I am, I bet she wishes I were still that cute and innocent. Well, who am I kidding? I'm obviously still adorable.

At five months old, I am a little orange package of personality, and I let it shine. I never meow, but I never have to! My brother and I (almost) always get what we want because we're spoiled rotten. That being said, my mom's a good mom and sometimes she sends me to time-out, which means I can't hang out with my brother. I hate it when that happens. But I make it up to her when I hunt and kill the icky bugs that get in the house!

Thank you to all of the wonderful employees of the Kentwood Cat Clinic who are helping my mom make sure we'll both grow up strong and healthy!

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