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Litter Box Problems

Litterbox Problems/House Soiling Help Does your cat have house soiling issues? This can be a frustrating problem for your family, so we want to help in whatever ways possible. There are many things we can do to correct house soiling. House soiling is caused by a combination of medical problems such as cystitis, litter box management issues such as litter or boxes the cat does not like, and stress from changes or social issues such as moving, interaction issues between pets or humans, or issues with cats outside. The earlier we intervene the better it is for everyone in the household.

Call us today at (616) 241-6369 to set up an appointment, and please fill out the following form and bring it on your visit. House soiling consultations generally take an hour. Please fill out the house soiling form and bring it with you to your appointment.

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Litterbox Problems/House Soiling Help Dr Sadek, who is board certified in Feline Medicine, is one of the authors of the House Soiling Guidelines released by the American Association of Feline Practitioners in 2014. Dr Sadek was Co-Chair of the task force that wrote the guidelines.

Dr Tammy Sadek is one of 2 veterinarians in the State of Michigan who is Board Certified in Feline Medicine. Dr Sadek has co-authored the 2014 House Soiling Guideline by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. Dr Sadek has given numerous lectures to veterinarians on Feline Medicine as well as to cat owners. She sees many referral feline patients for consults on challenging feline medicine cases as well as for radioactive iodine treatment of hyperthyroid cats, ultrasound, surgeries such as subtotal colectomies for constipated cats, perineal urethrostomies for male cats with urinary issues, and house soiling cats.

Our associate doctors Dr Alyson Coppens, Dr Miranda Boomstra and Dr Marisa Verwys, have worked with Dr Sadek long term and also have significant experience with these feline medical problems. Our cat only hospital is able to reduce your cat’s stress with visiting the veterinarian. Our staff is experienced in gentle handling of anxious cats. Your cat will be much more relaxed in our quiet dog free facility. Your cats will be able to snuggle into warm towels and rest in comfortable cubbies when they stay with us. We will keep in close contact with you, even sending you photos of your cat, and your referring veterinarian to make sure that we all work as a team for caring for your cat.

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