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Toes Boomstra - February 2018


I first met Toes after I drew a slip of paper with her name on it at Michigan State as my first surgical case. She is a Polydactyl (extra toes) calico girl who comes with bonus sass in addition to the big feet.

Her surgery went perfectly! It was our job as students to also take care of the patients, who came from a local shelter, for the days leading up to and after the procedures until they were ready to go back and be put up for adoption. We all fell in love with her exuberant personality, and I showed pictures and videos of her to my parents, who thought she might be a great addition to their household.

They had a young grandchild staying with them for a couple months at that time, so my parents asked if my husband and I could foster Toes for those 2 months so that the transition wouldn’t be as stressful for her. I was eager to find her a home, so we agreed quickly and officially adopted Toes.

Over those two months, Toes and my husband Dave fell in love, and the family decided that we couldn’t break that up. The rest of our kitties are seniors, so she certainly shakes things up and helps keep them young!       


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