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Weight Loss

Image00085It seems to me that I spend a large amount of time talking to clients about their cat’s weight. I’d say that the vast majority of my patients are overweight, with a good chunk of those falling into the category of morbidly obese (think candidates for the veterinary version of The Biggest Loser). Obesity can lead to many health problems, including arthritis and diabetes. Everybody knows it’s important to get these cats to lose weight to increase their chances of a long, happy and healthy life. However, it’s less commonly known that losing weight too quickly can lead to its own set of problems. When cats lose weight rapidly, they mobilize the fat in their bodies for energy. This fat “plugs up” the liver and prevents it from functioning properly. This is called Hepatic Lipidosis or Fatty Liver Disease. To avoid this, cats need to have their calories reduced slowly. Checking your cat’s weight once a month while on a weight loss plan will help make sure he or she loses weight safely.

Dr. Simon

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